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APR- in is a company direcyed to innovation, founded to study and develop technologies for Concreo production.
Acronym for "a puddle repeats infinity ", a famous phrase of Gilbert Chesterton, APR-In continuosly seeks with curiosity and imagination what, starting from finite physical characteristics , has the potential to rebound to something bigger , even infinity .
Concreo is an emblem : a simple and easily workable material that refers to structures and works much more challenging. All communication activities refere and rebound to something “more”. A stand , a shop window, a graphic has always aimed to communicate and to express concepts that go far beyond the physical limits of the medium. This attention to the beyond is the inspiration of APR- In for Concreo development, a product aiming to excellence.


Gemin Srl is the global licensing company for Concreo and Conclad. His goal is to promote the knowledge and the image of these materials on a large scale in European and non-European countries, developing an information and promotion network of top quality to bring to the market an accurate distribution of the products and a growing culture on how to use them.

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"a puddle repeats infinity"

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