Recommended: Conclad, Concreo in wet environments or when an anti-stain treatment is required.
Conclad is the ideal cladding to transform normal walls into scenografical and aesthetic high-level walls. Where there are moisture problems or a stain resistance is needed it is indicted to use Concreo. Both materials don’t have any stuctural function but their thermal and acoustic insulating properties are an appreciable added value to a merely aesthetic cladding.
Concreo and Conclad panels can be applied directly to the wall by using normal adhesive or placing them in anchorage systems, easily cutting the panels at the right measures even directly during the assembly.
Concreo and Conclad can be applied on the wall in different thicknesses to create spectacular three-dimensional effects or can be also combined with different materials to create varied and flexible surfaces for a wide design possibility Concreo and Conclad can be also used as aesthetic finishing touch for dividing walls.


Recommended: Conclad 9mm or Concreo 5 mm in case of need for lightness.
Specific eligibility for Conclad, which creates settings of high visual impact easy to apply. In case of the support structure has particular problems in carrying capacity the use of Concreo 5mm thickness could be recommended.
Their thermal and acoustic insulating properties lend an appreciable added value to a pure visual finishing touch of the dropped ceiling.
Concreo and Conclad are easy adaptable to the ceiling with metal or wooden structures as they can be cut to size even on site.
Customized features are available upon request.


Recommended: Concreo, despite Conclad is suitable in many decorative items and design objects with no structural functions.
Concreo is the perfect and unprecedented solution to create furniture and furnishings for exclusive homes, representative offices, innovative and design kitchens and very elegant bathrooms with a charming minimalist aesthetics, thanks to its density and anti-stain perfomances.
Absolutely compatible with the usual techniques of wood, it does not require specific technical expertises or equipement.
They keep their beauty unchanged through time.
Ease in joining side by side, with miter or other possible angles
No chalking, nor in edges or in joints
They acquire age charm over the years.


Recommended: Concreo and Conclad
The charming aesthetics makes Concreo and Conclad extremely interesting easy to work materials to realise objects of original and innovative design, once achievable only by creating molds and concrete-casting.


Recommended: Concreo
Simply applied to a support, with raw edge or boxed up, Concreo can realize countertops of refined aesthetic, ready to use with an effective stain-resistant finishing , at the highest level of the category maintaining an exceptional naturality


Recommended: Concreo
In the thickness of 17 mm Concreo is already suitable as a door, just using normal hinges adeguate to the thickness. The edges and the back can be finished by sanding with no edging nor further coatings.
It’s always possible to use Concreo in different thicknesses applying sheets to a support appropriate to the needs of the project.


Recommended: Concreo
Ease of processing, features of the material and the beauty of the surfaces are ingredients to creating top class kitchens, suitable for the most exclusive and refined environments


Recommended: Concreo
The resistance of Concreo in wet environments allows to realize coverings and vertical support surfaces ideal for beautiful bathrooms.


Recommended: Conclad and Concreo
The beauty of concrete slabs allows solutions for each type of store, also in the luxury, by creating attractive and effective environments. The certainty of providing sheets with same finishing gives retailing a guarantee to maintain the same image in all over the world also relying on local structures for the dressing.


Recommended: Conclad and Concreo
Cement like scenographies, installed and removed as if they were made of wood. A great opportunity, with a speed, simplicity and effectiveness previously unthinkable.


Recommended: Conclad and Concreo
Every need can be found in Concreo and Conclad can meet every need with original and impressive solutions of great image.

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