Concreo and Conclad are materials with structural, aesthetic and functional peculiarities which make them absolutely unique, revolutionary concret-effect panel, ideal for carrying out innovative and exclusive forms of furnishings, furniture, interior design objects, lighting elements, charming ceilings and wall cladding and many other new emerging applications.


Their solid structure in paste allows Concreo and Conclad’s to be joined with the quarter round without any effects of powder, typical of the resin furred panels.
For this reason, after many years of friction, even the sharpest corners won’t change their concrete image; on the contrary the wear and tear determines an ageing completely coherent to a concrete artifact.


Concreo and Conclad can be supported with plain or chamfered joints, worked with a quarter round, of forty-five degrees or in every desirable angulation., Concreo in folding procedures too.
They can be connected in different thickness or materials in order to create three-dimensional, aesthetically perfect and unpublished lining and objects.


Concreo and Conclad are made of inert materials and high-strength fibers, totally eco-friendly, non-toxic, fireproof, respecting health and enviroment, with no emission.


In addition to having aesthetic functions, Concreo anc Conclad’s remarkable thermic and sound-proofing characteristics are an interesting added value in wall cladding.


Concreo belongs to the class B-s1-d0 (EN13501), which makes them usable in total safety.


Concreo and Conclad can be cut, milled, punched, drilled and worked with the same tools as for wood.
In spite of their compact structure, Concreo and Conclad are lighter than concrete and can be worked with the same tools as for wood, with no need of specific tools or instrumentation.
Concreo anc Conclad’s uniform-paste structure allows to work panels easily, without in-aestheticisms on the edges and on the coasts, where the normal panels’ connection gives troubles of complicated, expensive, and short-lasting finishes.


Thanks to their specific weight, half of the concrete one, Concreo and Conclad allow claddings without the structural problems tipiacally involved with real concrete. With the "folding" procedure or with panels joining and stuccoing, they allow to create non-structural volumes, even of considerable dimensions similar to concrete artifacts, having a lower weight and working difficulty.


Contrary to any other panel on the market, made up of different materials supports, mainly MDF, to which surfaces are applied some resinous substances creating aesthetic effects similar to the concrete, Concreo and Conclad are made in mass, transmitting an impressing sensorial perception, completely similar to the casted concrete, long lasting and easy to restore as normal concrete.


Concreo and Conclad give absolutely new scenographic effects, to create furniture artifacts of a top-level imagine, easy to make.
An example: scratches creation in the material making visible rusty irons, simulating an armour. But the designer’s creativity can produce many other possibilities up to now unexplored.


Concreo and Conclad are ready to use, aesthetically beautiful, technically reliable and very easy to apply.
They give designers a wide range of possibilities unthinkable until now for the creation of concrete volumes, without the need for implants nor castings, revolutionizing the way of use of cement in furnishing and design, without the risk of errors typical in using concrete in interior design.


Thanks to Concreo and Conclad’s solid mass they can be used in many kind of interior design projects, with long lasting stability.
Concreo is also perfect in very humid enviroments, or in need of effective antistain treatments or more compact mass.


In addition to be the most performing materials in quality and aesthetics terms, Conclad for its working simplicity and Concreo its native water and stain resistant finishing allow to save money in working procedures, eliminates risks of mistakes and guarrantees the perfect results.

LIQUID ENDURANCE (only for Concreo)

Concreo is treated on the surface to be totally water resistant, stain resistant and anti-acid, despite its goodlooking porosity typical of cement materials.


With Concreo and Conclad you can create structure wholly similar to the concrete, in internal settings, such us private homes, without facing with concrete discomforts.
No more building yards at home, no more long lasting working, no more uncertainties of the final result, no more unexpected extra-costs.

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